Tuning: standard capo 5th fret

Main pattern for intro / verses:



(h = hammer on, p = pull off)

notes -
1. The picking varies a lot, so e.g. bars 7 and 8 are slightly
different in the intro, but above seems to be the template, and it
seems pointless to try to transcribe exactly which notes are
played for the entire song.
2. The hammers and pulls of bars 4 and 5 tend to get simplified in
the verses to various pickngs of 2x0210 and 1x0210 respectively.
3. Verses 2 and 6 repeat bars 5 and 6
4. Verses 2, 4, 6 have a quicker end, replacing bars 7 and 8 with:


(h - the 1 is hammered on, not picked)

Last verse ends with same bar as for v2,4,6, then:

|----2---------5---  (in free timing)

Tabbed by Chris Healey

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