Nick Drake
Cello Song (Five leaves left)
By Marcel Veltman (thanks to Ronald)

No way I can play this song like the late mr. Drake did, and chances are neither can you.
Or anyone else, for that matter. But don't dispair; here is an alternative version
suitable for mediocre guitarists like myself. No tiresome excercises, no tricks, nu
unpleasant bendings. Just plain EADGBE tuning. Do it open stringed if you like, or put
the capo on the second fret and play G, C and F fingersettings, so you can use more
strings. Then put in as much right hand technique as you can manage, and your audience
may even believe that you are actually very good. 


  Strange face with your eyes
D                A
  So pale and sincere
  Underneath you know so well
D                      A
  You have nothing to fear
D                      A        D            A
  For the dreams that came   to you when so young
D            A   G                    A
  Told of a life     where spring is sprung
(humming. A cellist to accompany you would be fine here)

You would seem so frail
In the cold of the night
When the armies of emotion
Go out to fight
But while the earth sinks to its grave
You sail to the sky on the crest of a wave

(more humming and celloing)

So forget this cruel world
Where I belong
I'll just sit and wait
And sing my song
And if one day you should see me in the crowd
Lend a hand and lift me to your place in the cloud

(final humming and celloing)

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