Hi everybody, this is the chords for City of Angels, a pretty easy to play song. 

Standart Tuning

G 320003
D 000232
A 002220
E 022100

And thats all. Play G, D, A, E through the whole song. Verse and Chorus are the same. Its fun playing it. 

[G]Its going down tonight [D]in this town
Cause they [A]stare and growl
They all [E]stare and growl
[G]I take a scar every[D]time i cry
Cause it [A]aint my style no it [E]aint my style
Going [G]down to the gravel head to the barrel
[D]Take this life and end this struggle
Los [D]Angeles come scam me please
[E]Emptiness never sleeps at [G]Cliftons 6 am
With your [D]bag lady friend and your mind descending
[A]Stripped of the right to be a human in control
Its [E]warmer in hell so down we go

[G]They say this is the D]city
The city of [A]ngels
All i see is [E]dead wings

Its a [G]ghost town rabid underworld
[D]Dionysian night vitriolic twilight
A [A]mirage comes up it never ends
[E]Once you get burnt youre never the same
[G]Left behind erased from time
Aint [D]no decency in being boxed up alive
[A]Look around aint no R.I.P. signs here
We [E]dont rest in peace
We just disappear

So [G]here we are Los Angeles
No [D]angels singing in your valley of unease
[A]I watch the sun roll down the pacific
[E]Over hookered sunset strip

[G]They say this is the D]city
The city of [A]ngels
All i see is [E]dead wings

Theres a [G]black moon tonight
Aint [D]shining down on the [A]western neon [E]lights

[G]They say this is the D]city
The city of [A]ngels
All i see is [E]dead wings

Keep it hard rokkin.


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