Setting Me Up - Dire Straits
 Key A
 You say I`m the greatest bound for glory
 				  E  D
 Well the word is out and I learned
 I got the latest side of the story
         G          D              A
 You`re pulling out before you get burned
 Well your hands are squeezing me down to the bone
 I never saw you breaking no law
 Stands to reason I`ve got to leave you alone
 What you take me for
 	A                      D 
 You`re setting me up to put me down
         E                        A
 You`re making me out to be your clown
            A                        D
 You`re just setting me up to put me down
 You better give it up
 Quit your messing around
 You think I care about your reaction
 You think I don`t understand
 All you wanted was a piece of the action
 Now you talk about another ma

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