Tab: guitar
Band: Dimmu Borgir
Album: For All Tid
Song: Stien
My mail: [email protected]
Tabbed by: Fredrik with help

(I asked Silenoz if he could send me tabs
for Stien. He sent them in notes, so I just
converted them into tabs. I guess it's
no need for corrections at this tab then.)

main riff: EI---------------I Play as
           BI---------------I many
           GI---4-----2-----I times
           DI-2---4-5---2-1-I as you
           AI---------------I would
           EI---------------I like :)

This is only the main riff. It is the most 
important I think.
Not much, but not bad. Or what do YOU think?
Mail me for comments (and corrections?) 
or the rest of the song at
[email protected]

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