Dime Store Prophets
Yeah Sure Ok Monet
Written by Justin Stevens

Album: Fantastic Distraction
Copyright 1997 Busters Reunion Music
SaraBellum Records

INTRO:   B  D  A  E
(this is the progression, you'll have to figure out the rhythm)

Is that the hills under your fingernail
The tempest and the hurricane
  A                               E
The clouds to come beneath your breath
Did you introduce the night to day
Orion with the Milky Way
  A                            E
And all the stars on you rolodex
Well you carve and you smash,
What you paint you call trash

Man you must have something to say
                       D                 A
Sweat falls to the plate, the burden to create
                     D                A
All your colors washed, inspiration lost
Yeah, sure, ok, Monet
                             E    B             D
There's nothing new in the world (ha, na, na, na)
                            A           E
There's nothing new in the world (hey...)

Was that the roses knocking at your door
Asking how tall that they should grow
Well, if it was give them my best

Is that a lightning bolt back in your coat
A fist of hail for rainy days
A tidal wave in your coffee cup

Well you reach down deep, And find nothing unique
Truth is getting so hard to paint
Just chasing the wind, No place to begin
Mister, you're not the first
Try working with dirt
Yeah sure ok Monet

There's nothing new in the world (ha, na, na, na)
There's nothing new in the world (hey...)

Another empty canvas Tuesday
Howling Wolf is on the LP
But even he can't prime this poets pump

The agony and the ecstasy
The tension and the release
Did you know you were looking for me

There's nothing new in the world (ha, na, na, na)
There's nothing new in the world (hey...)

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