Track: Hey Ladies
Album: The Writing's On The Wall

What up, y'all?
This is my first TAB, so I'm hopin' it's aight. I know this is some
commercial shit, but I just stumbled on the riff and thought I'd put it up on
the web. I've downloaded heaps of TAB's from this site, so I felt I should
make some sort of contribution. I'm not a very experienced guitarist,
but I'm just tryin'a represent for hip hop and R&B on this site.


Repeat throughout the whole song.

h = hammer

I think this is fairly accurate. I played it along with the song and it
sounded aight. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it,
though, that would be much appreciated.

For any suggestions, or just any hip hop heads who wanna connect, holla at
me at [email protected] Melbourne, Australia, 2002. Peace.

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