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From: Harlan L Thompson 

WHY DOES LOVE GOT TO BE SO SAD- Derek and the Dominos

Dm                C
Got to find me a way
Dm                 C
Take me back to yesterday
Bb           F               A
How could I ever hope to forget you?
Dm                    C
Won't you show me a place
Dm                   C
Where I can hide my lonely face?
Bb                      F                  A
I know you're going to break my heart if I let you

D                        G
Why does love got to be so sad?
D                        G
Why does love got to be so sad?
D                        G
Why does love got to be so sad?
D                        G
Why does love got to be so sad?

Like a moth to a flame
Like a song without a name
I've never been the same since I met you
Like a bird on the wing
I've got a brand new song to sing
I can't keep from singing about you ...CHORUS

I'm beginning to see
What a fool you've made of me
I might have to break the law when I find you
Stop running away
I've got a better game to play
You know I can't go on living without you ...CHORUS

(from Layla, 1970)
(sent by Harlan at [email protected])

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