The way you move
Has got me yearning
The way you move
Has left me burning     
I know you know what you're doing to me
I know my hands will never be free
I know what it's like to be
D        F
In chains

The way you move
Is meant to haunt me
The way you move
To tempt and taunt me
I know you knew on the day you were born
I know somehow I should've been warned
I know I walk every midnight to dawn
In Chains

Am             D\F#
In chains, I'm in chains
In chains, I'm in chains

You've got me dying for you                           
Its you that I'm living through                          
You've got me praying to you                           
Saying to you anything you want me to
You've got me reaching for you
My souls beseeching me too
You've got me singing to you  
Bringing to you anything you ask me to


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