A                                     D
 When the mountain touches the valley, all the clouds are taught to fly. So 
    A                                       E              A
our souls will leave this land most peacefully. Though our minds be filled 
                       D                                  A     E          
with questions, in our hearts, we'll understand. When the river meets the 

        A                                 D                           A
 Like a flower that has blossomed, in the dry and barron sand. We are born, 
                           E              A                
and born again most gracefully. Thus the winds of time will take us with a 
D                               A    E         D---A
sure and steady hand. When the river meets the sea.

 D                         A                         B7
 Patience my brothers, and patience my sons. In that sweet and final hour, 
truth and justice will be done!

        A                               D                           A    
 Like a baby when it is sleeping in its loving mothers arms. What a new born 
                      E              A                          
baby dreams is a mystery. But in his life, he'll find the purpose, and in 
D                                A     E         D---A          A     E
time, he'll understand. When the river meets the sea.  When the river meets  
    D  A  E  A
the almighty sea

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