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Rhymes and reasons           John Denver

/*Tune down one full tone*/

              G              D/F#            C/E           G
1) So you     speak to me in sadness and the coming of the winter,
2) Though the city starts to crumble and the towers fail a-round us

   Em                   Bm            C               D
1) fear that is within' you know that seems to never  end,
2) the sun is slowly fa-ding and it's colder than the sea

           G                    D/F#              C/E                  G
1) and the dreams that have  es-caped you and the hope that you've for-gotten
2) it is   written: From the de-sert to the       mountains they shall lead us

           Em               G                   D
1) and you tell me that you need me now and you want to be my friend
2) by the  hand and by the  heart and they will comfort you and me.

            C                                     G                     D/F#
1) and you  wonder where we're going, where's the rhyme and where's the reason
2) In their innocence and trusting, they will     teach us to be free.

            Em             G          D/F#
1) and it's you cannot accept it is here we must begin
2) ------------------instrumental----------------------

1) to seek the wisdom of the children
2) ----------------------------------

            G                C            D
1) and the graceful way of flowers in the wind.
2) -----------------instrumental---------------

           G                D/F#           C/E            G
1) For the children and the flowers for my sisters and my brothers,
2) For the children and the flowers for my sisters and my brothers,

   Em                       Bm               C              D
1) their laughter and their loveliness would clear a cloudy day.
2) their laughter and their loveliness would clear a cloudy day.

            G             D/F#              C/E            G
1) Like the music of the  mountains and the colors of the  rainbow
2) And the song that I am singing is a      prayer for non-believers

             Em             G              D7/F#        G       C/G   D7/G
1) they're a promise of the future and the blessing for today.
   Em               G              D7/F#         C/G    G   C/G   D7/G  G
2) come and stand beside us we can find a better way.

D/F#: 2xx23x
C/E : x32x1x
Bm  : x2443x
C/G : 332x1x
D7/G: 3xx21x

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