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I guess he'd rather be in Colorado    Danoff/Nivert sung by J.Denver

     D                 C         G
1. I guess he'd rather be in Colorado
2. I guess he'd rather be in Colorado
3. I guess he'd rather be in Colorado

        D                 C
1. he'd rather spend his  time out where the
2. he'd rather play his   banjo in the
3. I    guess he'd rather work out where the

   G                D                C
1. sky looks like a pearl after a    rain
2. morning when the moon is scarcely gone
3. only thing you   earn is what you spend

          G                               D
1. once a-gain I see him walking once   a-gain I hear him talking
2. in the dawn the subway's coming in the dawn I hear him humming
3. in the end up in his office in the     end a quiet cough is

            e                  C                 G
1. to the   stars he makes and asking them for   busfare
2. some old song he wrote of   love in Boulder   Canyon
3. all he   has to show he     lives in New York City

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