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Everyday                    Hardin/Petty   sung by J. Denver

D         G             A7      D            G            A7
Ev'ry day it's agettin' closer, goin' faster than a rollercoaster

D                    G      A7      D    G   A7
love like yours will surely come my way.

D         G             A7      D              G            A7
ev'ry day it's agettin' faster, ev'ry one says go ahead and ask her

D                    G      A7      D    G   A7
love like yours will surely come my way. Hey hey

G                                   C
Ev'ry day seems a little longer, in ev'ry way my love's a little stronger

F                                   E              A
come what may, do you ever long for true love from me

D                   G    A7      D        G   D  A7  D
Love like ours will sure be here to stay

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