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Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 12:44:11, -0500
From: [email protected] (MR KEN L REYNOLDS)
Subject: around_and_around_by_john _denver

album: Poems, Prayers, and Promises
song: Around and Around
artist: John Denver
transcribed: Ken Reynolds

An earlier John Denver song, enjoy.

Around and Around
John Denver      (klr)

[G] - [D] - [C]   x4
[G] Time as I?ve known it [Am] doesn?t take much time
To pass [C] by [G] me [D] - [C]
[G] Minutes into days turn into [Am] months,
Turn into years they hurry [C] by [G] me [D] - [C]
[Am] Still I love to see the sun go [G] down
And the world go a [D] round

[G] Dreams full of promises [Am] hopes for the
Future I?ve had [C] ma [G] ny [D] - [C]
[G] Dreams I can?t remember now [Am] hopes that I?ve
Forgotten faded [C] mem [G] ries [D] - [C]
[Am] Still I love to see the sun go [G] down
And the world go a [D] round

[D] Now I [Am] love to see the [C] morning
As it [G] steals across the [C] sky
I [Am] love to re [C] member
And I [G] love to wonder [C] why
And I [Am] hope that I?m a [C] round
So I can [G] be there when I [C] die
And when I?m [D] gone [D7]

I [G] hope that you will think of me in
[Am] Moments when you?re happy and your [C] smi [G] ling [D] - [C]
[G] That the thought will comfort you on
[Am] Cold and cloudy days if you are [C] cry [G] ing [D] - [C]
And [Am] that you?ll love to see the sun go [G] down
And the world go a [D] round and around and a [G] round [D] - [C] -

I hope you all enjoyed that one.
Ken Reynolds
( [email protected] )

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