Intro: Cadd9 Csus2

Verse 1:
    Cadd9         Csus2       
And I feel I feel a deep connection
    Cadd9                Csus2
And I think, that we might be onto something no
And I know it's something special
Seeing you here, is not coincidental mhh

           Cadd9      D
Well, i've been walking behind enemy lines
         G     Csus2
And I've been fighting from the other side
       Cadd9        D
I've been saying I won't fall this time
        G     Csus2
But now I'm walking within enemy lines

Interlude: Cadd9-D-G-Csus2-

Verse 2:
       Cadd9           D
See I was trying to be everything you weren't expecting
All I ever wanted was to try and keep you guessing
Now I'm falling way too fast
                 D     Csus2
I just want this love to last forever
Everytime i feel this way
    D                Csus2
Oh something's changed for the better

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Outro: Cadd9 D G Csus2- x2

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