Deliriou5/Over the mountains and the sea
Tabed by : Gregory Moore

Chords :

	  E					   F#m/E			G#m/A		  A#m/B

		1st	Verse :

Over the mountains and the sea,
	E (The whole line)
your river runs with love for me.
	F#m/E (The whole line)
And I will open up my heart,
	G#m/A (The whole line)
And let the Healer set me free.
	A#m/B (The whole line)

		2nd Verse :

I?m happy to be in the truth,
	E (The whole line)
And I will daily lift my hands
	F#m/E (The whole line)
For I will always sing of when your love came down.
	G#m/A				  A#m/B

		Chorus :

I could sing of Your love forever
		E			 F#m/E
I could sing of Your love forever
		G#m/A		 A#m/B
I could sing of Your love forever
		E			 F#m/E
I could sing of Your love forever
		G#m/A		 A#m/B

		Bridge :

Oh I feel like dancing,
G#m/A			 A#m/B
it's foolishness I know,
G#m/A			 A#m/B
but when the world has seen the light,
G#m/A				   A#m/B
they will dance with joy like we're dancing now!
G#m/A				     A#m/B				 E

Thanks for looking
Tabed by Gregory Moore
Any problems please e-mail me at : [email protected]

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