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From: [email protected] (Martin McCarthy)
Subject: Re: CRD: Nothing Ever Happens - Del Amitri

 Nothing Ever Happens    - Del Amitri

F                                                 Dm
Post office clerks put up signs saying position closed
F                                                      Dm
And secretaries turn off typewriters and put on their coats
 Bb                   F
Janitors padlock the gates

     Gm                   Bb
      C                    Bb
For security guards to patrol
     Bb                        F
And bachelors phone up their friends for a drink

           Gm                      Bb
            C                       Bb
While the married ones turn on a chat show

      F                      Gm                 F
       F                      Bb                 F
And they'll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow


 F            Bb       F                 Bb
Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
     Dm                     Bb
The needle returns to the start of the song
       C                      Bb
And we all sing along like before

          F                Gm                 F
           F                Bb                 F
And we'll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow

Then before verse 4 there's a wee instrumentally bit over the chords:

Gm  Dm  Gm  Dm  G  F  G  F

Also, there's a second guitar with capo on the 5th fret playing:

Verse:  C Am C Am F C G F C G F (C F C)
Chorus: C F C F Am F G F C F C
Instr:  Dm Am Dm Am D C D C

Hope this is of some use, and not too wrong.

Martin McCarthy - [email protected]

From: Dan Rolander 

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