*Intro, on one or two (Lizzy-style) guitars. It's two guitars on the album,
 Playing one part each (only one string at a time)
 *Verse figure, just repeat..
 (The part marked [bbb] is played once after the intro, then the singing begins)
                      [bbb]                                             slide
 *Verse: Gypsy, sitting looking pretty
        A broken rose with laughing eyes   (play riff above)
        You're a myst'ry, always running wild
        Like a child without a home             (play riff again)
        You're always searchin', searchin' for a feelin'
        But its easy come and easy go.. 
      Oh! I'm sorry but its [C] true, you're [G] bringin' on the [D]
      heartache, [Bm7] takin' all the *5/4 here* [C] best of [G] me. Oh [C] can't
      you [G] *4/4 again* see! You got the [C]best of [C] me! Oh [C] can't 
      you [G] see!! 
                                       Am       F     G  
           You're bringin on the heartbreak
                                       Am       F      G
            Bringin' on the heartache       
             (repeat once)
                      can't you see? 
           Ooooh.. (Verse riff again)
 *Verse two:
    Youre such a secret, misty eyed and shady -Lady how you hold the key!
    You're like a candle, your flame is slowly fading, burning out and 
     burning me.. 
 *Bridge Two:
   Can't you see? Just tryin' to say to you, youre bringin on the heartbreak,
   takin.... (as before)
   As before, just play Am-F-G one extra time (lyrics the fifth time: No! No! No!)
 *Solo:    E5.. | C  Am  |  G  F  | C  G | D5 Bm7|
     repeat C-G (singin' You got the best of me, can't you see four times
     remember 5/4 one bar after the Bm7)
     Repeat chorus six times.. FINITO
 The song continues with Switch 625 (instrumental) which I might post if 
 I get enough reqs..
 Then it's the usual, any comments, corrections or questions: Mail to me.
 I'm not sendning to Nevada (I can't manage.. Limited computer knowledge..) 
 But it doesn't seem to be a nice idea anyhow..
 I take no credit for this TAB, but I've done some changes (small) to the intro, 
 That makes the TAB work with the written notes from the book. 

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