Am     G/B            C
Feels like the end
            Dm                    Am
When you´re closer to losing your dreams
Than losing a friend

Am       G/B    C
Flying blind
Dm                    Am 
I´m shooting into the dark
Who will I find

F    G    Am
Oh   girl
Dm        C          G
And if it takes me a lifetime

F    G               Am
I swear I´ll tear down every wall

Dm       C    Bb       F              E7                        
Love conquers all
Am    G/B      C
On     my      way

     Dm                  Am
Tomorrow I rise with the sun
Soon I´ll be gone
Am    G/B   C
Words can´t say
Dm                              Am
How the memories of feelings of love
They linger on
F     G     Am
      Oh girl
Dm        C           G
And if it takes me forever

F             G           Am
I know it´s worth every teardrop that falls
Dm   C        Bb     
Love conquers all

Eb                  Bb/D
Somewhere there´s a place in your heart
          Fm           Cm
Where the wounds never heal
(You´re not alone)
Well you´re not alone
That´s just how I feel


F    G        Am
Love conquers all
Dm            C       G
This one will last a lifetime

F       G            Am
And if love conquers all
Dm            C        Bb
This one will last forever
Gm        D

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