Enjoy, and keep on rocking!
 "Demond`s eye" by DP.
 First riff:
 D--0--- 5-------------
 A---------- 5----------
 E------------ 6-3-3--
 Second riff:
 "Chorus" riff:
      Sly (ay`s)                                      like a demond`s eye.
 G--10-12----1012--710--57--35------------------------------   means slide 
 D--10-12--------------------------------------3--5----------------------     to
 The song will be something like this:
 verse 1:
 (Riff 1) Now, I don`t mind (Riff 1) just what you say.
 (Riff 1) I never hurt you babe, (Riff 1) never hurt you any way.
 (Riff 2) No, I don`t care, (Riff 2) what you do
 (Riff 1) Just as long as (Riff 1) it ain`t me and you.
 sly, (lots of "ay"s) like a demond`s eye.....
 Verse 2:
 Now everything`s good, I said that everything`s fine.
 You don`t know, you don`t know, It`s the end of your time.
 How does it feel to be turned away?
 I`ve known it baby, almost every day.
 - Organ solo -
 Verse 3:
 I don`t need you, a- anymore 
 I don`t want you babe, a- hanging `round my door
 You slip`n`slide, around my brain
 If you think you`re so clever, She`d (?) know  you`re insane.
 - guitar solo -
 Verse 4:
 I don`t mind, a-just what you say.
 I never hurt you anyway
 Everything`s good, and everything`s fine
 You don`t know it`s the end of your time
 - organ and guitar solo - fade........  
 The solo`s are played over a verse and a chorus.
 The best of luck: JAK!!!!!!

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