Wow, big Howie Day fan here, thanks to everyone who submitted Howie tabs, they've
been a big help. So I thought I would submit a tab. I searched everywhere for
this song's tab and couldn't find sh*t. So, with a little help I tabbed it out,
it'll probaly suck but it's pretty close if played right, but this is how I play
it ...feel free to add corrections!



Here's an example of the beat...
      An actress...          Sooner the better...

Bm*          G*      Bm*         G*         Bm*
           An actress, sooner the better for me
G*                 F*      F        E  
you should know by now i'm not your friend
Bm*        G*           Bm                G*             Bm*
         Your ravelled up, just take some time to come undone
    G*             F*/F/E
you look so tired,     I know your type
E Bm          G*   Bm*          G*                  Bm*
    you storm out, you tear the walls and portraits down
G*                       F*/F/E
It's what you want, it's how we are...

Bm         G
Take it or leave it
D          A7       Bm
Slow down, slow down
G                   D
I'll stay awake for you
                A7         Bm
If you can stay awake for me
Your broken to break down
D          A7
Slow down, slow down
    G*         F*/F/E
I'm not so sure,    so wait and see...

(Solo beat) E/Bm*/G*/Bm*/G*/Bm*/G*/F*/F/E

Next Verse-(Same beat)

Bm*                   G*
I don't think I could trust love anymore
Bm*                   G*
I don't think i could trust love anymore
Bm*                   G*         F*/F/E
I don't think I could trust love anymore



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