Chords used: Am, G, F, C

-Note: In the verses, the F chord should not be played barred. While playing,
your index finger should pull on and off the 2nd string, 1st fret.

-Also in the verse, the G should be played without the index finger. In the
chorus everything is played normally.

Am       G               F
It's the perfect time of day.

Am       G                F
It's the last day of your life.

Am            G
Don't let it slip away.

While your heart, is still racing.

Am       G               F
It's the perfect time of day.


    G                  F
And you, won't, feel a thing.

    G           F (Let ring)
And you, won't, recall.

(Don't remember all the words so I'll go straight to the bridge.)

C        G       F
Let your colors, collide.

All this time is so fleeting.

C      G        F
I keep running, behind.

-I think you can get the idea from that there.
Sorry I didn't know all the words but it sounds good.

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