So Impossible
i saw this and decided to correct a few mistakes

tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

There are only 5 chords in this song:

C: 0  Bb: 0  Ab: 0  F: 0  G: 0
   0      0      0     0     0
   6      8      6     3     x
   6      9      7     4     6
   4      9      7     4     6
   x      7      5     2     4
So she says,
Bb                       Ab
Everyone's gone to the party.
          Bb                           Ab
Won't you come if I come with a friend for your friend?
I'd be so pleased to see you 
Ab                    Bb                           Ab
out of the classroom, wearing the smile that I bring you.
      G                       Ab
I was hoping to learn a few things like:
Bb                   F                       G
Do you, Do you like dishing the dirt on the whole class 
and talking the big smack or playing the fool
Bb                      F
or wearing all of the latest fashions 
   G                           Ab
or plucking your new trends or wearing your old threads
Bb                         F
if you like coffee in the evening?
           G          Ab                Bb      F
These are a few things that I'd like to know.
                 G     Ab
That I'd like to know.

So I say,
          Bb                           Ab           
I've been scheduled to work, but I'll call in
       Bb                          Ab
and my friend isn't busy, he'll be happy to join me
    Bb                      Ab                     Bb      Ab
and maybe my friend and your friend will hit it off
   Bb     Ab
or maybe we will.
I'm dying to know!
                     F                      G
Do you, Do you like dreaming of things so impossible
             Ab                       Bb
or only the practical or ever the wild
or waiting through all your bad bad days
        G                        Ab
just to end them with someone to care about 
and do you like making out and long drives
    F                             G             Ab
and brown eyes and guys that just don't quite fit in?
Bb      F     G    Ab
Do you like them?
So yes,
     F       Ab
I'll see you there.

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