Bass Tab: Edenspring by Dark Tranquillity from The Gallery (1996)


Music: Johansson, Sundin
Lyrics: Stanne
 Time conceals itself in error
 when all is turned to lie
 oh blissful rapture flee from me
 the liquid light shares its grandeur
 the spring of Eden shall never run dry
 Creation holds its breath
 Tomorrow is no friend of mind
 drench logic - drench judgement
 awake - every sense is new
 For we know no tomorrow 
 and yesterday appears in fragmented form
 What now must burn
 shall with newfound strength emerge
 Drift through my eyes
 Bacchi gates bid me welcome
 Drench logic
 Drench judgement
 So drink from the fountain everlasting...drown
 With these eyes the land can no longer deceive us
 He cried into nothing with the voice of his soul
 New logic brought upon the remains of his land
 the land deceives
 Bacchi gates bid me welcome

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