Song: Lance
Band: The Dandy Warhols
Tabbed by thom (ct)

Ok, so heres the chords, which is basically all the song, for 'Lance', 
which is a re-worked version of an old b-side track called 'Retarded'

Heres the strumming pattern thats used throughout the song:

    (E)            (G)            (A)           (C)


E G A C (times 2)

E G A C G   A

E G (times 4)

Verse One:

E  G             A          C          E
I really might seem retarded,
        G            A         C       E
But I really want to see you again.
         G         A       C             G
I want nothing but to be your friend
     A                      (E   G) times 4 
So I can see you again.

Verse two (as verse one)

If I feel a bit disregarded,
Don't think I need you to attend.
Or you to condescend,
So I can see you again.


E G A C (times three)

E G A C G      A

E G (times 4)

A                E                       G
Hey, I think, like a fool,
                    E                         A
That you can trust your friends
Or you can fuck your friends.
C G    (E G) times 3
I don't.


E  G    A    C
E  G    A    C
E  G    A    C            E
    G    A    C
ah ah aaaah aaaah aaaah

E  G  (repeat to fade)

Enjoy......great if you can get some one playing the Korg line underneath it too;)

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