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The Walk, by The Cure.  It's on about a zillion different albums...
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Ok, The Walk is a really easy song to play...you just 
follow the progression, playing octaves up the yin-yang,
and make neat-0 noises with the keyboard...
here is the verse:
- --2-2-0-0--------
- ----------2-2-2-2
- ----3-3-0-0-0-0--
A    G   E       really simple, huh?

here is the chorus...still playing all octaves...
- -2-2-5-5-7-7-7-7
- --------0-0-0-0-
- ----------------

and now the neat part...that crazy melody 
it's actually played on keyboard or guitar,
but it sounds neat, so here it is:
- -----------------------------------
- -----------------------------------
- -----------------------------------
I suppose you could split it up onto different strings,
but why bother?  I think it's more fun this way...

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