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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 90 16:58:07 EST
>From: Mario Dorion SSE Sun Montreal 


(intro is like verses)

Em    C     Em        C              Em        C     B
Hello image sing me a line from your favourite song
Em        C               Em             C
Twist and turn and you're trapped in the lights
           Em            C     B
All the di-rections were wrong

C   B       A         B        C       B
You fall in love with somebody else to-night


C   B       A         B        C    B        A
You fall in love with somebody else again to-night
A          F#         G
da da da   da da da   da da (3 times)
A          D          E
da da da   da da da   da!

Em     C
Take a step ...     (and so on)

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