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From: Winston Campbell 
Subject: Fascination Street by The Cure

	(words by Robert Smith, music by Porl Thompson, Simon Gallup, Boris
Williams, Laurence Tolhurst, Roger O-Donnel, and Robert Smith)

I am actually transcribing the extended version of Fascination Street that
appears on -Mixed Up-.  Although I like the original version, I find this
version more fun to play around with.  I have not put anything in order,
all I did was to transcribe the millions of riffs there are to this song.
I have not transcribed the solo, though.  The chords are mainly Cm, Ab, Gm,
which is played during the verses by that clean guitar.  Here are the riffs

This is the riff that opens up the song and appears near the end of the

E ------------------------------------|
B -----4-------4------4------1---3----|
G -2-3-----2-3----2-3----2-3--------3-|
D ------------------------------------|
A ------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------|

After this riff is played three times, the keyboard riff that appears is:

E -------3--------3----------------------3--------3--6--6-6-6--4--3--|
B -4--6-----4--6-----4--1--1--1--4-4--6-----4--6---------------------|
G -------------------------------------------------------------------|
D -------------------------------------------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------------------------|

This is played two times, then the drums come in and then a weird effect
appears, I think it is harmonics played like:

E ----------------------------------------------|
B --7-7--7--7-7--7-7---5--5-5--5--5--5-5-5- 

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