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Date: 	Wed, 29 Nov 1995 14:50:07 -1000
From: Harlan L Thompson 
Subject: wall song- david crosby

THE WALL SONG- Crosby and Nash

E1  E2  E3  E2  E1  E2  E3  E2

E1 E2 E3 E2    E1    E2 E3 E2  E1 E2 E3 E2            E1   E2 E3 E2
You        are walking,       you've    always been walking
A    Asus2       A5            Asus2F# A
Stumbling half-blinded and dry as     the wind
 A           Asus2 A   BbE/A  A  Asus2 A5 Asus2F# A
That strafes you  and leaves you to   lie in     the sand
 A             Asus2      A5           Asus2F# A
And the wall stretches endless beside you     to nowhere
      A    A11  BbE/A  A    A11   A/C# Em    G    A
This wall that you've been trying to  cross for years
 G           A11     A    G   A11  E1  E2  E3  E2
This fence made of fears, no one hears

You see a door, ah such a great open door
You know that your eyes tellin' lies, still a chance
A shamblin' run, a ridiculous dance
Like a scarecrow that's hung up to dry on a fence pole
And there's a space like vacuum waiting inside you
For you to get through, to the blue

You scent the water, fresh clean grass, food and water
Your breath is scraping your brain into dust
Your rusty old engine is ready to bust
You cannot believe it that they would not trust you
The door is wavering, is that your eyes?
Are they still telling lies? What are lies?

    E1 E2 E3 A Asus2 A5 Asus2F# BbE/A A11 A/C# Em  G
E --0--0--0--0---0----------------0----0---------------|
B --0--0--0--2---0----------------3----0---------------|
G --4--6--7--2---2---2----4-------0----0---2----2------|
D --5--7--9--2---2---2----2-------3----0-----------0---|
A --5--7--9--0---0---0----0-------0----2---4----0------|
E --0--0--0----------------------------------------3---|

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