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Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 09:49:56 -0800
From: Collins Crapo 
Subject: .../c/creedence_clearwater_revival/dont_look_now.crd

written by John Fogerty
performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival
tab transcribed by Collins Crapo 

E / / / 2 / / / 3 / / / 4 / / /
                A             E
Who'll take the coal from the mine?
                B7            E
Who'll take the salt from the earth?
A                        E
Who'll take the leaf and grow it to a tree?
A               B7              E
Don't look now, it ain't you or me

Verse 2:
Who'll work the fields with his hands?
Who'll put his back to the plow?
Who'll take the mountain and give it to the sea?
Don't look now, it ain't you or me

A                                   E
Don't look now, someone's done your starvin'
A                                   B7
Don't look now, someone's done your prayin' too

Verse 3:
Who'll make the shoes for your feet?
Who'll make the clothes that you wear?
Who'll take the promise that you don't have to keep?
Don't look now, it ain't you or me

(instrumental, same pattern as verses)

(repeat bridge)

Verse 4 = 1st 2 lines of verse 1 + last 2 lines of verse 3

E / / / B7 / / / E

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