creed,My sacrifice
tabed by Jack

this is creed's newest song my sacrifice from there 3rd
album caled Weathered.

Tuning: it is in drop D if you don't know what that is 
it is (d,a,d,g,b,e)
intro:i don't know to pick it so i just strum d,b,g

hello my friend we meet again its been a while where shoud
  B        G                  D
we begin ? feels like forever well in my hart a memory, A
                                  B     G
perfeet love that that you gave to me! Oh I remember

G             D        Asus2           B             G
When you are with me, I am free, I am careless, I believe
               D          Asus2             B
above all the others with life this brings tears
       G           D
to my eyes, my sacrifice

We've seen our share of up and downs Oh, how 
                       B            G
quickly life can turn around, in an instant
it feels good to reunite, within yourself and
             B               G
within your mind, lets find peace there

 D             D 
i just want to say hello again (x2)

then go to the chorus but don't use distortion then chorus
with distortion

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