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Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 09:04:31 -0600 (CST)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 
Subject: do they owe us a living

song:do they owe us a living
album:best before
tabbed by:samuel barker 

verse 1:
Ab                                                         Db
fuck the politically minded, here's something i want to say
Ab                                                       Db
about the state of the nation, the way it treats us today
Ab                          Db  Ab                 Db
At school they give you shit,   drop you in the pit
you try and try to get out, but you can't because they've you about
Ab                                                   Db
Then you're the prime example of how they must not be
this is just a sample of what they've done to you and me

Db               B       Eii                Eb
do they owe us a living? of course they do! of course they do!
Db               B       Eii                Eb
do they owe us a living? of course they do! of course they do!
Db               B
do they owe us a living? OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DO!

verse 2:
they don't want me anymore because i threw it on the floor
they used to call me sweet thing, but i'm nobody's plaything
and now that i'm different, they'd love to bust my heat
they'd love to see me cop out, they'd love to see me dead

repeat chorus

verse 3:
the living that is owed to me i'm going to get
they've buggered this old world up, up to their necks on debt
they'd give you a lobotomy for something you ain't done
they'll make you an epitomy of everything that's wrong.

repeat chorus

verse 4:
don't take any notice to what the public think,
they're so hyped up on tv, they just don't want to think
they'll use you for a target for demands and advice,
when you don't wanna hear it they'll say you're full of vice

repeat chorus


chords used:
    Ab  B   Db  Eb Eii

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