Artist: Crash Test Dummies
Title: God Shuffled His Feet
Tabbed by: Unknown

 D                   Bm
After seven days, he was               
The people sipped their wine, and what with
So he said once there was a boy, who       
The people sat waiting out on their

G             D    A
Quite tired, so God  said               
God there, they asked him ques tions, like
woke up with  blue hair.  
To blankets in the garden.  But

D              Bm
Let there be a day just for             
Do you have to eat, or get your 
him it was a joy, until he
God said nothing.  So someone

G               Bm       G
Picnics, with wine and bread
hair cut in  heaven
ran out into the warm air      
asked him, beg your pardon

A              D             G           
Gathered up some people he had made
And if your eye got poked out in this life,
He thought of how his friends would come to see
I'm not quite clear a bout what you just spoke

Em               D               G
Created blankets and laid back in the shade 
would it be waiting up in heaven with your wife   
and would they laugh or had he got some strange dis ease   
Was that a parable or a very subtle joke  

A                E                  A
God shuffled his feet and glanced a round at them
D      A                    E                        A         D  G
The people cleared their throats and stared right back at him

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