Artist: The Cranberries
Song: Ode to my Family
Album: No Need To Argue (1994)

H= hammer on
P= pull off

On the neck of the guitar is a Capo in the 2nd fret. 


E |-------|-------|-------|-------|
B |--5-3--|--5-3--|--5-2--|--5-3--|
G |-------|-------|-------|-------| play this 2x
D |-------|-------|-------|-------| 2nd guitar plays the chords: 
A |-------|-------|-------|-------| D, Bm, F#m and G
E |-------|-------|-------|-------|

Intro, Verse 1 and 2:
    D				  Bm
E |---------------------|---------------------|
B |--3-----3-----3------|--3-----3-----3------|
G |----2-----2-----2----|----4-----4-----4----|
D |------4-----4-----4--|------4-----4-----4--|
A |--5------------------|---------------------|
E |---------------------|--2------------------|

    F#m			  G
E |---------------------|---------------------|
B |--2-----2-----2------|--2------------------|
G |----2-----2-----2----|----4---2h4p2-2h4p2--| this is played a
D |------4-----4-----4--|------5--------------| lot of times
A |---------------------|---------------------|
E |--2------------------|--3------------------|


The following chords are played in this order, each one time/beat(?):

  D  Bm  F#m  G

Song structure:
Verse 1
Verse 2


This is all my own work. If you see a little mistake or you want to ask me
something about this song or other transcriped songs (mine of course), mail me!
[email protected]

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