>From: [email protected] (Tom Chess)
 >Subject: TAB: Cranberries' parts
 Here are some fragments of a few songs from the Cranberries.  I'm 
 Interested on any parts anyone else has (same goes for Sunday's music).  
 Hopefully enough parts will turn into complete songs.
 Deaming My Dreams
 Acoustic intro is: C G F C
 Then the picked through electric goes: C G(barre) Am(barre)
 Then end with picking through F Dm
 I think this has been tabbed enough
 Intro picking through D 2 then 2 then back to normal D
 			3      3 
 			2      0 
 Chords go D A C G 
 D is played 2 and 2 A is played 0 and 0 C: 0 and 0 and G 3 and 3
 	    3     3	        2     0    1     0       0     0
 	    2     0 	  	2     2    0     0       0     0
 	    0     0		2     2    2     2       0     0
 				0     0    3     3       2     0 
 Ridiculous Thoughts
 Intro is A G E, that's all i have, sorry
 Daffodils Lament
 Intro riff is
 (note, capo up to G)
 That's actually all hammer ons and pulloffs.
 Then it goes into the awesome flange and i can no longer make out the chords.
 Well, it's a start on a few songs, more later (i hope)
 [email protected]

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