Old Lady - Kevin Coyne

tabbed sy seboddos aka zappy the koala

E -------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------|
G ----------2---1----------------------|
D ----1--------------4---2---1---------|
A -2-----------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------|

Verse (E  A  B):

I saw you standing on Castle Corner		Your little coat it looked a warm one
I asked you what you'd had for your dinner	You said to me you never ate at all

Pre- Chorus (G  A  B):

				Last one
E |--------------------------------------------------------|
B |--------------------------------------------------------|
G |--------2--1---------------------4--2--1----------------|
D |--1--4--------4--2--1------1--4-----------4--2--1-------|
A |---------------------------------------------------4--2-|
E |--------------------------------------------------------|

Little old lady, what are you going to say? (x2)

Chorus (Cm#  Gm7  Fm7#):

Tell me, old lady, why do you pray?

Verse (E  A  B):

I saw you sorting through your photographs
Your nieces crowding round, they started to laugh
You concelead the presence of your shit stained walls
Your eldest son he never knocks at all

Pre- Chorus (G  A  B) & Chorus (Cm#  Gm7  Fm7#):

Verse (E  A  B):

You are so old and no-one understands
Your social worker is a liberated man
He wants to take you to the old folks home
I think you're better off dying on your own

Pre- Chorus (G  A  B) & Chorus (Cm#  Gm7  Fm7#):

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