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Mrs Potter's Lullaby

Capo 1st (all chords relative to capo)

All verses and choruses are the same

G: 320033
Cadd9: 032033
Dsus4: 000233
Em7: 022033

Intro: G G Cadd9 Dsus4

[G] Well I woke up in mid-afternoon cause that's when it [Cadd9] all hurts
the [Dsus4] most
[G] I dream I never know anyone at the party [Cadd9] and I'm always the
[Dsus4] host
[Em7] If dreams are like movies, then [Cadd9] memories are films about
ghosts [G]
You can [Dsus4] never escape, you can [Cadd9] only move south down the coast

[G]Hey, [Dsus4]Mrs [Cadd9] Potter, don't [Dsus4] cry
Hey, Mrs Potter I don't know why but
Hey, Mrs Potter won't you talk to me

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