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From: [email protected] (Mark J. Schnitzius)

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
from Spike
tabbed by ah-HA! Pronoun trouble 

Some of the chord shapes I've tried to graph out, and the basic
chord shapes and barre chord shapes I didn't, but if you need any
of them graphed out, just e-mail me.

G                    Bm
One day you're gonna have to face

  Am                 G
A deep dark truthful mirror

And it's gonna tell you things that I still

C                    D
Love you too much to say

G                  Bm
The sky was just a purple bruise

Am             G
The ground was iron

And you fell all around the town

C                    G    C
Until you looked the same


G              B
The same eyes, the same lips

Em                C
The same lie from your tongue trips

                                         C/B             D/F#
C    Am    C    C/B  Am   D/F# G      -----------     -----------
Deep dark, deep dark truthful mirror  | | | | 1 |     | | | | | |
                                      | 2 2 | | |     2 | | 2 | |
                                      | | | | | |     | | | | 3 |
C    Am    C    C/B  Am   D/F# G
Deep dark, deep dark truthful mirror

        G                           Bm
Now the flagstone streets where the newspaper shouts

Am                   G
Ring to the boots of roustabouts

And you're never in any doubt

        C                       D
There's something happening somewhere

    G                             Bm
You chase down the road till your fingers bleed

Am              G
On a fiberglass tumbleweed

You can blow around the town

    C                     G    C
But it all shuts down the same


       Bm                     Em              C C G (strum down)
So you bay for the boy in the tigerskin trunks

               C C G
They set him up, set him up on a stool

Bm                      Em               C C G
He falls down, he falls down like a drunk

                           C C G
And you drink till you drool

C        Bm               G
And it's his story you'll flatter

C      Bm                     Em  (I think I play this as G again)
You'll stretch him out like a saint

C       Bm             Em
But the canvas that he splattered

C                        D         B/D#        -----------
Will be the picture that you never paint       | | | | | |
                                               | 2 | | 2 |
                                               | | | | | 3
                                               | | | | | |
[instrumental break] Em  C  G

C    Am    C    C/B  Am   D/F#  G
Deep dark, deep dark truthful mirror

C    Am    C    C/B  Am   D/F#  G
Deep dark, deep dark truthful mirror

G                       Bm
A stripping puppet on a liquid stick

Am            G
Gets into it pretty thick

A butterfly drinks a turtle's tears

    C                         D
But how do you know he really needs it

      G                    Bm
Cos a butterfly feeds on a dead monkey's hand

Am              G
Jesus wept, he felt abandoned

You're spellbound, baby, there's no doubting that

C                                 G         C
Did you ever see her stare like a Persian cat


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