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Close to home             -by Concrete Blonde
-------------             -from Mexican Moon

transcribed by [email protected] [Enrico_Giuseppe BETTIO]

Hi there all, I just came out of hibernation.

Here is my version ov a pretty nice song from Mexican Moon
For the Dsusing part, listen and play it how you like

CLOSE TO HOME     Concrete Blonde

Dm            C      C/B
    Tennessee,  ???    ,
Am                G
    Dallas-Texas, coming through
Dm              C          C/B
    New Orleans, I could stay
Am               G             D  Dsus4-D-Dsus2-D-Dsus2
    But tomorrow, Im on my way_________
D  Dsus4-D-Dsus2-D-Dsus2

                  C       C/B               
     Im close to home                       |
                (close to home)             |
		  Am       G                | X 2
     Im close to home                       |
                (close to home)             |
                  F                   G     |
     Im getting closer and closer to home   /

     Ive been here, Ive been there,
     Ive been nowhere, everywhere
     Mexico, I could stay,
     Arizona.. to L.A._________



chorus X lots

well, thats it. Im not much of a solo-workerer-outerer so I'll leave that
up to you.

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