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From: wvaughan@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (William Vaughan)

Here's Weeping Wine by Lloyd of Don't Get Weird On Me Babe (lyrics from memory
so forgive)


A chord with sus4 and sus2 thrown in (I don't know how to write tab, but if you
listen to the album you'll get it).  The lead notes a A B C# D C# B A

A                         D
If every lover that you'd ever known

A                           D
would turn around would you take one

A                      D
Or would really rather be alone

G                                     D  Dsus4 D Dsus2 D
and further out that you might really know

(same as first verse)
Well I don't know babe if you ever have been told
but you're a tough one to play for
tried to be what you were looking for
now I'm not sure if you ever really knew

E                                        F#m
Now the world won't wait and babe you're cryin too late

F#M                E        D
You're drinkin' on borrowed time

and the last thing you'll need is

E                 A
me and my weeping wine

(again, same as first verse)
You sit around and stick you're pins in dolls
Whats there to lay down and die for
you're looking fine baby its well known
why does you're story have to be so short

F#m                                 E
Cause pretty soon babe you're gonna show your age

F#m               E        D
You're drinkin on borrowed time

and the last thing you'll need is

E                 A
me and my weeping wine

(solo over verse chords)

(same as  FIRST chorus)
Now the world won't wait and babe you crying too late
you're drinkin on borrowed time
and the last thing you'll need is
me and my weeping wine

me and my weeping wine (repeat a few time and end on wine).

I've got a couple other Lloyd's I'll post here soon. This is the only one I can
do from memory.

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