Intro, 1 verse & 1 chorus играются по этим аккордам на фо-но. Затем эти же аккорды 
играет гитара.  
 Dm7	А#	F	Fsus2
 Dm7	    A#		          F
 Come up to meet you, tell you I´m sorry
                  Fsus2        Dm7
 You don´t know how lovely you are
            A#		       F
 I had to find you, tell you I need you
       Fsus2          Dm7
 Tell you I set you apart
  A#		           F
 Tell me your secrets, and nurse me your questions
              Fsus2           Dm7
 Oh let’s go back to the start
             A#		      F
 Running in circles, coming in tails
          Fsus2        A#
 Heads on a science apart
 A#		     F
 Nobody said it was easy
 It´s such a shame for us to part
 A#                    F
 Nobody said it was easy
 No one ever said it would be this hard
 Oh take me back to the start
  F	A#    F	 Fsus2	 
Dm7             A#                  F  
  I was just guessing at numbers and figures
         Fsus2         Dm7
 Pulling the puzzles apart
 Questions of science, science and progress
 Do not speak as loud as my heart
 And tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
 Oh and I rush to the start
 Running in circles, chasing tails
 Coming back as we are
 (CHORUS with ´So hard, I´m goin´ back to the start´)
  F A# F Fsus2
          Dm7     A#   F  Fsus2  Dm7      A#   F  Fsus2
              Ah ooh----                 Ah ooh---
 Dm7      A#  F  Fsus2  Dm7       A#   F(let ring)
      Ah ooh----               Ah ooh---

Chords   eadghE:
 Dm7    -57565
 A#     688766 (A# лучше играть так, а не на 1 ладу)
 F      133211 
 Fsus2  131213
 C      -35553

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