This is how I saw scooter play this live, Aaron lewis wasn't there playing his part, 
so I didn't transcribe his part, sorry, I'll do his later when I figure it out.

Tuning: Two steps down/4 frets down on all strings.




I'm feeling crossed I take it inside
Burn up the pain my thoughts are strange,
Just like the things I used to love,
Just like the tree that fell I heard it,
If art is still inside I feel it,

I wanna bleed show the world all that I have inside,
I wanna scream let the blood flow that keeps me alive,

Take all those strings they call my veins
Wrap them around every ***ing thing,
Presence of people not for me,
Well I must remain in tune forever,
My love is music, for I will marry melody,

I wanna bleed show the world all that I have inside,
I wanna scream let the blood flow that keeps me alive,

Won't you let me take you for a ride,
You can stop the world, try to change my mind,
Won't you let me show you how it feels,
You can stop the world but you won't change me,
I need music...
to set me free, to let me bleed

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