name=Paul Wittek
band=Coal Chamber
Album: S/T
Track #: 4
All songs © respective artists and record labels
Tuning: Drop-A (low to high: A E A D G B)
Try to string your guitar like Meegs' (low to high: .070. .056, .046,
.038, .028, .020) to get the closest sound. If not, I recommend at
least a .060

Tempo= 98

p.m.= palm mute
{-T-}= triplet
= harmonic
[#]= artificial or pinch harmonic 
     (indicated above bar by a.h. or p.h.)
(#)= ghost note
/= slide up
= slide down
b= bend
r= release
h= hammer-on
p= pull-off
~= vibrato
t= vibrato w/ trem. bar
T= tap
x= muted note or rake
x~= strum strings behind nut
X= pick scrape
%= play last bar

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