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            Basket of Eggs: Clutch, from their River Road recording, Jam Room

   The fact that you are choosing to learn a few C! songs is commendable!  You are
  well on your way to an enlightening, religious, and musical fulfillment.  Dial in
  a good fuzzy tone and check it out.  Transcribed by Keith S. Byers ([email protected])
    Tune down 1/2 step

  This is the main arpeggiated riff.  Play like your life depends on it with any old
 octave divider and preferably a Vox wah-wah. There's a second guitar (maybe Tim?)
 that does a little wah melody underneath.  Use your ears, I don't think it's too
 difficult.  Play opening riff twice.

   * open B with echo repeats


 Verse Riff: Keep it Heavy!


   Even though the riffs are repetitive, the song is cool.  I saw them live,
  so this transcription is pretty accurate.  The solo part is backwards so
  the only way to figure it out is to be able to record it and then flip
  the tape or the wav file.

                   Basket of Eggs by Clutch

       As through a glass darkly you seek yourself,
      But the light grows weak while under Yggsdrasil.
      A basket of eggs may you count your days.
      Though your gut lies filled, only shells remain.

      I can tell you've been drinking by the scent of your breath.
      Another little sip, a bit deeper in debt.
      You can rest your head in your wrinkled hands.
      But when you awake, you're in another land.

      In fields of green rolling on endlessly
      You find a fallen nest where there is no tree.
      Mark the brown furred hound tied to the mandrake root.
      Dare you carve a face in that virtue food?

      I can tell what you're thinking. I see it everyday.
      I'll help you with your coat, see you on your way.
      Sure you want to go walking on a night like this?
      Look, there goes another one now. One day I swear they will not miss.

      As through a glass darkly you seek yourself,
      But the light grows weak while under Yggsdrasil.
      A basket of eggs may you count your days.
      Though your gut lies filled, only shells remain.

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