Here's the intro to the original Old Love found on the Journeyman CD.
Use clean tone and reverb for the rhythm parts, which are of course played
on a Strat with one of the warmer pickups (probably neck). I'm not sure what
Eric uses for the lead parts, but a bridge pickup with a bit of distortion
should do. Enjoy.

r.1          Am7      Gsus4  	    r.2 	      Am7      Gsus4
E|----------|-5----5----3---3---    E|---------------|-5----5----3---3--|
B|----------|-5----6----3---3---    B|---------------|-5----6----3---3--|
G|-----0-2--|-5----5----5---4---    G|---------------|-5----5----5---4--|
D|-0h2------|-7----7----3---5---    D|-0h2-0---------|-7----7----3---5--|
A|----------|-5----5----5---5---    A|-------3-0---0-|-5----5----5---5--|
E|----------|-5----5----3---3---    E|-----------3---|-5----5----3---3--|
		 Dm7/A	    G			          Dm7/A	     G

Lead (you can figure out the timing, I added r.1 and r.2 as guides):


 (r.1)			     (r2)

And, for your convenience, here's the rough guide to the chords,
directly ripped off another tab :)

		Am7     Dm7			Gsus4  G
			I can feel your body
		Am7	F/Dm7			Gsus4  G
			When I`m lying in bed
		Am7     Dm7                  Gsus4  G
			There's too much confusion
		Am7     F/Dm7        Gsus4             G
			Going around through my head

			F                        E7
			And it makes me so angry
			                             Am Am- Am7 D7
			To know that the flame still burns
			F                     E7
			Why can't I get over?
			                 F      E7 . . . .
			When will I ever learn

			    Am7 Dm7 Gsus4 G           Am7 Dm7  Gsus4 G
			Old love,         leave me alone
			    Am7 Dm7 Gsus4 G        Am7 Dm7  Gsus4 G
			Old love,         go on home

		Am7     Dm7                 Gsus4  G
			I can see your face
		Am7     F/Dm7			     Gsus4  G
			But I know that it's not real
		Am7     Dm7                  Gsus4  G
			It's just an illusion
		Am7     F/Dm7                        Gsus4  G
			Caused by how I used to feel

			F                        E7
			And it makes me so angry
			                                   Am AM- Am7 D7
			To know that the flame will always burn
			F                    E7
			I'll never get over
			                           F      E7 . . . .
			I know now that I'll never learn

			    Am7 Dm7 Gsus4 G           Am7 Dm7  Gsus4 G
			Old love,         leave me alone
			    Am7 Dm7 Gsus4 G        Am7 Dm7  Gsus4 G
			Old love,         go on home

Feel free to add the solo and fills ;)

email: [email protected]

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