Person: Andy Threadgold

song: Blue Eyes Blue

artist: Eric (Master & God) Clapton

tab: The The song goes as follows

B    F#         A#m          E(4th fret)
I thought that you'd been loving me 
B    F#         A#m          E(open position)
In your eyes I thought I saw my heaven
B    F#         A#M          E    B   F#     E
But now my heavens gone away and I'm out in the cold

Pre chorus:
But you were only playing
 B         F#(6th)   E(4th)    F#
You were only playing with my heart
I was never waiting
 B         F#(6th fret) E(4th)  F#
I was never waiting for the tears to start

 Asus4       E(m)      F#m      D5
It was you, who put the clouds around me
 Asus4       E         F#m         D5
It was you, who made the tears fall down
 Asus4       E         F#m         D5
Only you, who put these clouds around me
 Asus4       E         F#m         D5
It was you, It was you, who made my blue eyes blue
 Asus4       E         F#m D  Asus4
Oh oh, never should have trusted you

I thought that I'd be all you need
In your eyes I thought I saw forever
And now forever's come and gone
And I'm still here alone

pre chorus:
You had me believing
You had me believing in a life
I could never see it
I could never see it till I saw good bye

It was you....etc

This song has a pretty tricky fingerpicked rhythm, especially on the
pre chorus where you have to slide 
down the fretboard playing the chords in their barred C shapes in a
fluid motion.

For all the eric anoraks like myself, the rhythm is like that that he
uses on Brokenhearted when played live (eg Music for Monserrat)

For the authentic tone, go and buy a 000-28EC Martin Acoustic,
according to Eric they are the best acoustic guitars ever made. I have
one and I agree.

Comments complaints and suggestions to Andy. [email protected]


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