cKy - credits (cky3)
Tabbed By: leam kaunt
EMail: [email protected]

Tabbed by: Your good pal, Mr Heroin.

This song was on cky2k and cky3, and i wanted to play it. Woodlouse
said it was played on two guitars but nobody listens to anything
he says.

] 77777777 9 7  55555555 7 5 3
] 77777777 9 7  55555555 7 5 3
] 55555555 7 5  33333333 5 3 1

pretty easy really. 
Check out the Jurassic Park themes guitar tabs for some of my earlier
masterpieces, and if it's put on then check out Physco Rhyno's 
'Johnny B loves Danny' on Unsigned Bands
Hannah is fit
Bye bye by Liam

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