Artist: Chumbawamba
Title: Not The Girl I Used To Be
Tabbed by: Christian Dyhre ([email protected])

Have I {G}given up dreaming?
Come {Am}down from the ceiling
I {F}won't do that a{G}gain

My misspent {G}history
Mistakes to {Am}teach me
I {F}won't do that a{G}gain

{C}Dreams I kept as a {G}child
Kept me quiet and hypnot{Am}ised
Cooked away my valent{F}ines
Served my{G}self up every {C}night
Couldn't see me for the {G}trees
And all that hallmark poetr{Am}y
{F}I'm {G}not the girl i used to {C}be
{G}I'm not the girl i used to {Am}be {F}{G}

Have I given up dreaming?
Come down from the ceiling
I won't do that again

My misspent history
Mistakes to teach me
I won't do that again

Trying to break the family ties
Chocolate hearts and tacky lies
Heard a thousand crappy lines
And i believed the every time
So I beg to disagree
Love's not taking all of me
I'm not the girl I used to be
I'm not the girl I used to be

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