Em        Csus2       Amsus2
Will you listen to my story 
It’ll just be a minute 
How can I explain 
Whatever happened here never meant to hurt you
                            G D/F#
How can I cause you so much pain 

Em              D        
When I say I’m sorry 
Amsus2       C
Will you believe me 
Listen to my story 
Say you won’t leave me 
When I say I’m sorry 
Can you forgive me 
When I say I will always be there
Will you believe, will you believe in me 

All the words that I come up with
They’re like gasoline on flames 
There’s no excuse, no explanation 
Believe me if I could undo what I did wrong 
I’d give away all that I own


      C                   Em 
If I told you I’ve been cleanin’ my soul
           C                 Em
And If I promise you I’ll regain control
Will you open your door
     D                      C
And let me in take me for who I am
             D           Em D Am C            Em D Am C
And not for who I’ve been,         who I’ve been 


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