Вступление:D#m H F# C#

D#m             H                       F#
Ten miles from town and I just broke down
               C#                       D#m
Spitting out smoke on the side of the road
D#m             H                      F#
I'm out here alone just trying to get home
                    C#                    G#
To tell you I was wrong but you already know
G#             H
Believe me I won't stop at nothing
G#              H            C#
To see you so I've started running

H            F#           C#            D#m
All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
    H            F#           C#
As long as I'm laughing with you
                  H               F#
I'm thinkin' that all that still matters 
    C#        D#m
Is love ever after
H          C#                 D#m
After the life we've been through
          H              C#         D#m
Cause I know there's no life after you

Last time we talked, the night that I walked
Burns like an iron in the back of my mind
I must've been high to say you and I
Weren't meant to be 
And just wasting my time
Oh, why did I ever doubt you?
You know I would die here without you


You and I, right or wrong, there's no other one
After this time I spent alone
It's hard to believe that a man                
with sight could be so blind
Thinking about the better times, 
Must've been outta my mind
So I'm running back to tell you


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